Airodump-ng 介绍

Airodump-ng包含在aircrack-ng里的工具和用于数据包捕获原始802.11帧。它是理想的收集与aircrack-ng WEP使用IVS注入工具。如果你有一个GPS接收器连接到电脑,airodump-ng日志发现访问点的坐标,

作者:Thomas d’Otreppe, Original work: Christophe Devine
证书:GPL v2

Kali aircrack-ng Repo 仓库

aircrack-ng - 无线数据包捕获工具

root@kali:~# airodump-ng --help

  Airodump-ng 1.2 rc4 - (C) 2006-2015 Thomas d'Otreppe

  usage: airodump-ng <options> <interface>[,<interface>,...]

      --ivs : Save only captured IVs,
      --gpsd : Use GPSd,
      --write <prefix> : Dump file prefix,
      -w : same as --write,
      --beacons : Record all beacons in dump file,
      --update : Display update delay in seconds,
      --showack : Prints ack/cts/rts statistics,
      -h : Hides known stations for --showack,
      -f <msecs> : Time in ms between hopping channels,
      --berlin <secs> : Time before removing the AP/client
            from the screen when no more packets are received,
            ( Default: 120 seconds ),
      -r <file> : Read packets from that file,
      -x <msecs> : Active Scanning Simulation,
      --manufacturer : Display manufacturer from IEEE OUI list,
      --uptime : Display AP Uptime from Beacon Timestamp,
      --wps : Display WPS information (if any),
      --output-format <formats> : Output format,
           Possible values: pcap, ivs, csv, gps, kismet, netxml,
      --ignore-negative-one : Removes the message that says
           fixed channel <interface>: -1,
      --write-interval <seconds> : Output file(s) write interval in

  Filter options:
      --encrypt   <suite>   : Filter APs by cipher suite,
      --netmask  <netmask>  : Filter APs by mask,
      --bssid    <bssid>   : Filter APs by BSSID,
      --essid    <essid>   : Filter APs by ESSID,
      --essid-regex <regex> : Filter APs by ESSID using a regular
      -a : Filter unassociated clients,

By default, airodump-ng hop on 2.4GHz channels.You can make it capture on other/specific channel(s) by using:
      --channel <channels>: Capture on specific channels,
      --band <abg>: Band on which airodump-ng should hop,
      -C <frequencies>: Uses these frequencies in MHz to hop,
      --cswitch <method>: Set channel switching method,
              0       : FIFO (default),
              1       : Round Robin,
              2       : Hop on last,
      -s: same as --cswitch,
      --help: Displays this usage screen,

aircrack-ng 用法示例


闻频道6(-c 6)通过监控模式接口wlan0mon并保存捕捉到一个文件中(-w /root/chan6),

过滤一个接入点的,指定的发射点,指定OUI和掩码(-d FC:15:B4:00:00:00 -m FF:FF:FF00:00:00),