CeWL 介绍

CeWL是一个Ruby应用程序,它爬行指定的URL到指定深度,可选择以下外部链接,并返回的话,然后可以用于密码破解,例如John the Ripper的名单。


CeWL 首页
CeWL 源代码版本库

Author: Robin Wood
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0


cewl 自定义密码库生成器

:~# cewl --help
CeWL 5.0 Robin Wood () (www.digininja.org)

Usage: cewl [OPTION] ... URL
    --help, -h: show help
    --keep, -k: keep the downloaded file
    --depth x, -d x: depth to spider to, default 2
    --min_word_length, -m: minimum word length, default 3
    --offsite, -o: let the spider visit other sites
    --write, -w file: write the output to the file
    --ua, -u user-agent: useragent to send
    --no-words, -n: don't output the wordlist
    --meta, -a include meta data
    --meta_file file: output file for meta data
    --email, -e include email addresses
    --email_file file: output file for email addresses
    --meta-temp-dir directory: the temporary directory used by exiftool when parsing files, default /tmp
    --count, -c: show the count for each word found

    --auth_type: digest or basic
    --auth_user: authentication username
    --auth_pass: authentication password

    Proxy Support:
    --proxy_host: proxy host
    --proxy_port: proxy port, default 8080
    --proxy_username: username for proxy, if required
    --proxy_password: password for proxy, if required

    --verbose, -v: verbose

    URL: The site to spider.

fab - 文件已经打包好

:~# fab --help

Usage: xx [OPTION] ... filename/list
    -h, --help: show help
    -v: verbose

    filename/list: the file or list of files to check

cewl 用法示例

扫描至2(-d 2)的深度,并用5(-m 5)的最小字长,字保存到一个文件(-w docswords.txt),针对给定的URL((http://docs.kali.org):

:~# cewl -d 2 -m 5 -w docswords.txt http://docs.kali.org
CeWL 5.0 Robin Wood () (www.digininja.org)

:~# wc -l docswords.txt
4093 docswords.txt