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shellnoob - shellcode编写工具

:~# shellnoob -h [--from-INPUT] (input_file_path
- ) [--to-OUTPUT] [output_file_path
- ] -c (prepend a breakpoint (Warning: only few platforms/OS are supported!) --64 (64 bits mode, default: 32 bits) --intel (intel syntax mode, default: att) -q (quite mode) -v (or -vv, -vvv) --to-strace (compiles it & run strace) --to-gdb (compiles it & run gdb & set breakpoint on entrypoint)

Standalone "plugins" -i [--to-asm
--to-opcode ] (for interactive mode) --get-const <const> --get-sysnum <sysnum> --get-strerror <errno> --file-patch <exe_fp> <file_offset> <data> (in hex). (Warning: tested only on x86/x86_64) --vm-patch <exe_fp> <vm_address> <data> (in hex). (Warning: tested only on x86/x86_64) --fork-nopper <exe_fp> (this nops out the calls to fork(). Warning: tested only on x86/x86_64)

"Installation" --install [--force] (this just copies the script in a convinient position) --uninstall [--force]

Supported INPUT format: asm, obj, bin, hex, c, shellstorm
Supported OUTPUT format: asm, obj, exe, bin, hex, c, completec, python, bash, ruby, pretty, safeasm
All combinations from INPUT to OUTPUT are supported!

Check out the README file for more info.

shellnoob 用法示例


:~# shellnoob -i --to-opcode
asm_to_opcode selected (type "quit" or ^C to end)
>> xchg %eax, %esp
xchg %eax, %esp ~> 94
>> ret
ret ~> c3